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Curing Light



  • Seven working modes: Normal, High, Turbo, Ortho, Soft, Pulse, and Check.

  • Optimally collimated beam output, effectively reduce the optical loss.

  • Light source design providing excellent intra-oral access. 

  • Constant light intensity. The solidification effect is not affected by the consumption of remaining power. 

  • Charging base with an integrated radiometer.

Technical Specifications

Size of main uint: 23mm×23mm×204mm

Net weight of main unit: 108g
Applied parts of the equipment: Top of main unit, Point cure lens

Duty cycle of the equipment: 20 Sec on/20 Sec off

Battery model:18500, Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Battery has over-voltage, over current and short circuit protection

Wave length: 385nm~515nm


Warranty:  2 Years

O-LIGHT II - 1.png


Curing Light


Upgraded focused light output reduces 55.87% light angle , allowing more concentrated energy and higher curing efficiency. Upgraded with wide spectrum 385nm-515nm, mainly adding the wave band of 385nm-420nm. Intensity of up to 3000 mw/cm2.


Warranty:  2 Years

iLed II

Curing Light


Wide spectrum, High light intensity, Focused light. Constant power output, born for teeth restoration. 360° curing, reach every angle
Fluid design, better hand feeling
Upgraded light intensity


Three modes for option
With the maximum light intensity of 3000mw/cm2 Which makes it especially suitable for orthodontic brackets, porcelain verneers and post-core adhensives.


Three Modes:

  • Turbo Power Its output light intensity is about 2700-3000 mW/cm2

  • High Power Mode:  Its output light intensity is about 1800-2000 mW/cm2

  • Standard Power Mode: Select of time which could be 5, 10 ,15 and 20 seconds. Its output light intensity is about 1000-1200 mW/cm2.



Curing Light


Wirelesss, Classic and Enduring


  • Time settings: 05s, 10s, 15s, 20s

  • Large Capacity Battery - full charge can be used over 500 times continuously under 10s working mode

  • Low standby power consumption - seventy days standby time


Warranty:  2 Years


Technical Specifications

Power input: AC100V-240V  50Hz/60Hz
Light output: 1000mW/cm² -1200mW/cm²
Net weight: 145g
Dimensions: 260mm×31mm×34mm

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