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Surgic Touch

Piezo Bone Surgery 


The Third Generation of Woodpecker's Piezo Bone Surgery 


Micron Cutting 

The vibration amplitude of tip is between 20-100µm. The minimum surgical incision is 3.5mm long, 0.5mm wide, which will help with small operating area and fast postoperative recovery. 


Selective Cutting

 With No Injury to Soft Tissue For soft tissues (neural, blood vessels and mucous membranes, etc.), there is no cutting effect,  which can protect the vascular nerve of the operation area to a large extent, greatly reducing the risk of injuring soft tissues  (neural, vascular, mucosal, etc.). "old 


Cutting Mode 

Ultrasonic technology produces very little heat while cutting. And iced water can quickly cool the tip and ensure the temperature below 38 ° C. At the same time, the water spray flushes the wound during operation, bringing no bleeding and enabling clear vision of operation area, which makes it easy to operate. 

WP - Implanter.png

Implanter Surgical Unit

Implant Motor


Your favourite assistant of high-precision dental implanting treatment.

(includes 20:1 H/piece)

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